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A few of our benefits: personalized service, precision in data and payroll, and cost-saving services that enable you to focus your money and your brainpower on other important aspects of your business. What's not to like? So stop by Certified Payroll Associates, Inc. near Fishers, Indiana, for quality payroll services and more.

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Once Upon a Time-This Payroll Company's History

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With Daniel Crowder and Matthew Crowder, you have over fifty years of combined experience at your disposal. Starting in central Indiana, Certified Payroll Associates, Inc. has grown to the point where we serve clients all around the United States and the District of Columbia. Founded in 2002, over fifteen years ago, Certified Payroll Associates, Inc. has grown considerably. Now, it's our turn to help you grow your business. Located near Fishers, IN, we're a payroll company...but we also want to be a dependable friend to you and your business.

What We Offer: Background Screening, HR Management Solutions, and More

We provide a lot of services here at Certified Payroll Associates, Inc. near Fishers, IN, including HR Management Solutions, Background Screening, Worker's Compensation, and of course Payroll & Tax. Our goal is to provide as much assistance to you as possible. Is there something you'd like to know more about? Visit our services pages or contact us! We're sure that there is a way we can help you and that if you choose us, you won't regret it.

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