Manage Workers' Compensation in Brownsburg

Pay as you go. No more estimations and large audit adjustments at policy renewal time.

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Our Benefits

pay as you go manage workers compensation in brownsburg

Pay as You Go

Rather than paying for insurance up to a year in advance, premiums are paid one payroll at a time!

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Eliminating Estimations

With our XactPay program, you aren't required to make a large down payment or monthly billing fees.

manage workers compensation in brownsburg

No Large Audit Adjustments

Our unique, hassle-free approach means no more large audit adjustments at policy renewal time. 

Pay-As-You-Go and Hassle-Free

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Discover XactPay, the innovative program that allows you to electronically pay your Workers' Comp premiums based on the actual payroll data. Enjoy hassle-free solutions that allow your business to manage your Workers' Compensation with ease. 

A Better Way to Manage Workers' Compensation

XactPAY is The Hartford’s integrated payment service that calculates insurance premiums for a Hartford Workers’ Compensation policy.  The amount is then withdrawn directly from your bank account every time you run payroll.

brownsburg manage workers compensationBetter Case Flow

brownsburg manage workers compensationNo large down payment


manage workers comp in brownsburgNo installment billing fees

payroll company brownsburgPotential to minimize premium audit adjustments

How It Works

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Apply for Workers’ Compensation Insurance from The Hartford’s Payroll Alliance Business Center. If you meet The Hartford’s underwriting guidelines and you accept our offer to provide Workers’ Compensation coverage, you can begin using the XactPAY service.

apply for workers compensation brownsburg inApply for Workers’ Compensation from the Hartford’s Payroll Alliance Business Center.

browsburg online payroll companyEach time you run payroll, your payroll data is sent to The Hartford.

brownsburg customized payroll solutionsIf you elect, The Hartford will provide notice of the amount and timing.

payroll for small businesses brownsburgThe premium payment is drawn based on your actual payroll data.

online payroll company brownsburg indianaA detailed summary will be made available to you securely online.



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