We hear from our clients frequently about how Certified Payroll Associates, Inc. simplified their payroll process. We are proud to provide payroll solutions for small businesses in Carmel, IN and around the country. Our comprehensive services extend beyond payroll and payroll tax preparation. We also offer an integrated timekeeping and attendance system and 401(k) and workers’ compensation solutions. It’s our job to make running your business easier and less time-consuming. We strive to personalize our service to meet your demands. Today we share a case study of how we helped Gary, a local proprietor, with his company’s payroll needs.

“For the past 15 years I have owned and operated an excavating business with my field of service primarily being in Carmel, IN and the surrounding Indianapolis area. For the first 5-6 years, I was able to handle the daily demands of my small business and the few desk hours I had to put in each pay period for payroll. For the past few years, business has been booming! With a drastic increase in workload, I had to add to my team so that we could meet the demand. It wasn’t long before I realized payroll and payroll tax forms were absorbing an increasingly large amount of my time. After working all day onsite with my crew, I then had to commit many additional hours to desk work. My family and personal time were suffering. Unfortunately, I made a few mistakes and incurred costly tax penalties two quarters in a row. I thought I was saving money by doing my company’s payroll and taxes, but it was actually costing me time and my hard-earned money as well. I considered hiring additional staff to absorb this increased workload, but it seemed to be excessive in cost and more than my budget would allow.

“Being the proprietor of a Carmel, IN small business, I preferred to seek a local solution to my company’s payroll problems. I heard about Certified Payroll Associates, Inc. from a friend and was excited to find they are also located in central Indiana. I gave Certified Payroll Associates a call. After thoughtful consideration of the services available, it was clear Certified Payroll Associates could help my company. After more than five years of partnering with them, I can’t imagine going back to doing my own payroll and payroll taxes. As my company grows, I find great value in the mobile timekeeping technology for my crew and appreciate how simplified payroll has become. My company supervisors can approve their team’s time and also help manage and eliminate unnecessary overtime with easy to use tools. Any time I have a question, Matt and his team are ready and willing to answer. Tax penalties are also a thing of the past. Since making the choice to partner with Certified Payroll Associates, I have not had a single penalty! My excavating business would not be what it is today without Certified Payroll Associates’ help. I suggest them to all fellow Carmel, IN small businesses looking for a payroll solution. My company continues to grow, and as needs change, I am grateful for the valuable partnership I have with Certified Payroll Associates.”