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Simplify payroll preparation while saving on labor and administration.

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Simple. Affordable. Effective

Track employee time with ease - forgoing errors and discrepancies.

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Employee labor is costly, but your business can easily minimize the cost with the right tools. Eliminate inflated hours and overtime and prevent buddy punching and other forms of time theft. Minimize late arrivals, early departures, extended breaks, and other costly habits that result in punch rounding in the employee’s favor. 

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Increase Productivity.
Cut Labor Costs and Administrative Time.

Automated timekeeping reduces labor costs, admin time, and compliance risk while increasing productivity. What more could you ask for from a simple, affordable time and attendance solution right here in the Brownsburg area?

Simple and Affordable.
The Easier Way to Track Employee Time.

Employee labor is costly, but you can minimize the cost with the right tools. Eliminate inflated hours and overtime. Prevent “buddy punching” and other forms of time theft. Minimize late arrivals, early departures, extended breaks and other costly habits that result in punch rounding in the employee’s favor.

brownsburg business payroll taxes

Key Features 

Simplify time management with advanced features for your growing business.

Running a business is a busy line of work, and you need a time and attendance solution that is quick to implement, easy for your staff to learn, but capable of growing with your business. Our time and attendance solutions will usher your business into the future with capable effective solutions. 

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Your Savings

Automating your time tracking is an excellent way to lower the cost of payroll and administration.


time and attendance solutions in brownsburg indianaEliminate costly “punch rounding” in the employee’s favor
automated timekeeping software in brownsburg indianaControl regular and overtime wages
employee timekeeping solutions in brownsburg indianaPrevent “buddy punching”
time and attendance solutions in brownsburg indianaMinimize time theft
web based timekeeping system in brownsburg indianaStop paying for late arrivals and early departures
business timekeeping system brownsburg INMinimize extended breaks and lunches
employee timekeeping solutions brownsburgCut hours of payroll prep time
time and attendance solutions brownsburgReduce human error in payroll

Minimize Compliance Risk

ACA, FLSA, FMLA, DOL and more. Reduce the risk of non-compliance with timekeeping.

Compliance has always been a challenge for employers, but the risk is growing faster than ever as legislative changes such as the Affordable Care Act are upon us. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Simplify compliance and minimize risk with automated timekeeping. It’s one of the best ways to avoid potential audits and tax penalties. 

TimeWorks Mobile

Manage employee time on-the-go. Simplify time off requests and time card approvals. All with TimeWorks Mobile.

We know you are always moving. Timeworks Mobile allows you to manage labor costs for remote employees while decreasing admin time across your organization — all on-the-go! From employees clocking in/out to supervisors approving time cards, get the convenience you need with TimeWorks Mobile, now with Pinpoint GPS!

Clock In/Out Options

Offering a variety of plug-and-play time clock options for collecting employee time.

Badge Swipe
Clock in/out through a simple badge swipe.

Pin Code
Clock in/out via employee PIN.

Web Browser
Clock in/out via web browser.

Mobile Phone/App
Clock in/out remotely via mobile app.

Proximity Badge
Clock in/out via wireless RFID or key fob.

Hand Geometry
Clock in/out via hand geometry scan.

Clock in/out via finger scan.

Clock in/out remotely over the phone.

Take a Peak- Lower Your Cost of Labor!

While there are too many features and screens to share, take a peek at a few
sample shots to become more familiar with the ease of use. 

Try a free 30-day demo or request a live demo!

brownsburg business payroll taxes



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