Turn Hours of Payroll Prep into Minutes

In business, there’s often a love-hate relationship with payroll. As an employee, we all love the

satisfaction earned on pay day. But as the business owner, supervisor or HR staff, you may be on the other side of that equation due to the tedious hours of preparation required for payroll.

A big part of preparing payroll is accurately reporting employee hours worked. If you haven’t already, why not turn these hours of administration into mere minutes and take much of the pain out of payroll. The good news is that now, with automated timekeeping, there’s a much easier way!


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Simplify the Process

More than likely, virtually every employee in your organization is impacted by the payroll process… every two weeks! It may be simply reviewing your time card, approving other’s time cards, coordinating PTO or otherwise. Your staff spends hours collectively reviewing time cards, following up on missing punches and edits, validating hours and more. Perhaps you don’t feel there is a problem… just yet… with this administrative circus. But in the meantime, may we suggest an easier way.

Finally in life, there is a quick fix. It’s called automated timekeeping. Here’s a brief list of just four of ways automated timekeeping takes away pain before pay day.

1. No more collecting, calculating and preparing time cards manually. Collecting precise in/out times can finally be smooth and automated each day. Employees no longer need to enter hours, remember or approximate punch times, and HR no longer has to fumble with paper time cards. It’s all done simply and automatically online.

2. Simplify time card approvals for supervisors and payroll staff – Reviewing, editing, and approving punches can now be done by all staff members in a few minutes online through a desktop or mobile device. Employees can easily enter notes right on their time card for supervisor corrections, and approving cards can be done in seconds by each approval layer. Getting back to work has never been easier.

3. Time Off Requests and PTO Accruals – Approve or disapprove? That is the question, but who has the time do the research for each request, especially during summer months? Now this juggling act can be automated online. What was once a disruptive and time-consuming process for employees and supervisors can all be requested, reviewed, approved and tracked conveniently online in minimal time.

4. No longer fax in, phone in, or email – We’re happy to help you get payroll submitted in whatever means it takes, but now the process can be much easier. Once approved by your staff, your time and labor data is ready to be conveniently imported for payroll processing online in a matter of seconds.

In conclusion, there is a far easier and less costly way to prepare payroll with automated timekeeping. Take hours or days off the process. There’s no time like the present to make a change. And your payroll staff will love you for it.