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Attract and retain talent with a retirement plan that's easy to setup and maintain.

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A Web-Based 401(k) Solution
Built for Small Business

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Certified Payroll Associates, Inc. offers a smart, secure, web-based 401(k) solution that's uniquely tailored for small businesses. This flexible plan features affordable pricing, and live customer support. Taking care of your employees’ 401(k) needs is about to get easier.

 Through our partnership with The Online 401(k), we can provide your company with a retirement plan that’s easy to set up, maintain and will enable you to attract and retain talented individuals. Experience full-service, web-based 401(k) solutions in Brownsburg, built for small and single-person organizations by a leading provider.

Ease of Implementation

We believe 401(k) setup should be easy, for employers and employees.

Our web-based 401(k) solutions offer simple, easy setup and implementation. Employers select plan features through a highly streamlined process. Instead of sifting through stacks of paperwork, the employer clicks on plan features displayed online, while guided by a plan specialist over the phone.

For employees, an online enrollment meeting allows participants to follow at their convenience and at their own pace. Employees gain access to useful payroll calculators, investment and 401(k) education, and those who wish to enroll simply click “yes” to download their enrollment form online.

Convenient Web-Based 401(k) Management

Convenience is key when it comes to online 401(k) management. Once the 401(k) plan is set up, employees access 401(k) and investment education, select their investments and manage their individual 401(k) accounts, all from the convenience of their desktop.

Investment Education

In addition to gaining access to a wide range of investment options from the convenience of an online account, you'll be equipped with the education and tools needed to take control of your retirement plan.

Critical to any 401(k) plan is access to educational investment tools. Instead of generic investment education booklets, employees have access to a library of investment education, interactive calculators and questionnaires all on one website.

401(k) Plan Features

The Online 401(k) is an all-inclusive 401(k) plan. That means all aspects of your plan are handled so you and your employees have one single point of contact for all your 401(k) plan needs. Here is a list of some of the features and services included in our monthly fees.

Toll-Free Live Customer Support

Unlimited Fund Choices

30-Minute Online Plan Setup

Unlimited Fund Choices

Online Enrollment Meeting

Optional Discount Brokerage

Daily Account Snapshot

Daily Valuation Recording

Retirement Planning Tools

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